Cystic Acne: Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

by Mike Walden

Cystic acne is in fact one of the most severe forms of acnes. It has its roots deep within the skin. I would recommend that to understand cystic acnes better you should first read the article on true causes of acnes to understand why cystic acnes are caused.

Cystic acnes can be recognized by the hard bumps that occur under the skin layer, they are filled with a kind of semi liquid substance. Cystic acnes lead to real bad scars. When compared to other common forms of acnes and whiteheads cystic acnes are very large and can be very painful. From outside the cystic acne are caused by the blockage of the sebaceous glands that leads to inflammation and occurrence of pus in the surrounding area.

Retention keratosis also worsens the cystic acne. In this condition an improper shedding of the skin occurs, this leads to the skin follicles to get clogged up due to dead skin cells; accompanied with it the excessive secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands leads to the perfect environment for acne bacteria. The cystic acne infection can also spread in the surrounding area and thus worsening the swelling and redness.

In most cases the infectious matter in the cystic acnes is not discharged properly and thus it leads to a very slow healing process. To prevent scars from occurring cystic acnes need to be treated quickly. And since conventional methods only treat the symptoms rather than the actual causes, the holistic approach is the only solution that completely cures the cystic acne.

The holistic approach tackles the internal causes of the acnes by adopting a multidimensional approach comprising of the right diet, detoxifying etc and eliminating the environment that can lead to the occurrence of acnes. It works really fast I not only curing cystic acnes but also prevents further cystic acnes from occurring.

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