Diet And Acne: Diet Tips For Acne That Work

by Mike Walden

The diet and acne balloon has at last been blown. A section of the medical profession who believed there was no link between a person’s daily diet and his or her having acne has now admitted the fallacy. Studies on the topic conducted quite recently have shown the convincing connection between diet and the disease condition that none can deny. The very fact that addition or withdrawal of certain types of food item from someone’s menu affects the person’s hormonal secretion to a great extent, thereby creating dramatic changes in his or her acne manifestations is fairly noteworthy.

It is therefore, a simple corollary that our dietary options have a strong cumulative effect on our physical pathology as well as soul that shapes our body and mind. Appropriate diet shapes us from the inside and outside at the same time. The earlier theory of diet having no impact on chronic pathological conditions like acne, therefore, is a myth.

Evidence relating to the topic has been provided by Dr. Cordian who had conducted a research on people living in Kitavan Islands where the residents never had acne in their lifetime though there was no dermatologist available in that remote island to advise the innocent natives how best to prevent acne, and there have been no drugs as well. It was nothing but traditional food they consumed which prevented the disease condition.

Studies have proved that elimination of certain kinds of food items like hydrogenated oils, refined carbohydrates, dairy products and yeasty savories from the menu spontaneously reduce chances of acne formation while their inclusion in the diet may trigger acne. But this does not mean that an acne diet alone will prevent or control acne on its own.

That is because diet is just one of the factors that lead to acne. Actually why someone has acne is quite complicated and there are many internal factors that need to be challenged to help the person get rid of these unwanted growths. Diet is one step in this direction – but the internal environment needs to be taken care of and the problems fixed to be able to come up with a comprehensive solution. Now there is just one way of doing this, and that is by treating the body holistically. Re-planning the diet is the first right step in this.

In view of the learned researcher’s observations, it may be rightly asserted that food and acne are co-related and should be treated as such. However food cannot directly cause acne because then with all of us having wrong food, everyone would have had acne – but that is not the case. People seeking a radical cure should look for holistic way of treatment to get rid of this painful and irritating disease condition. The holistic approach fixes the internal causes and also shows what the right diet would be.

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