The Best Acne Cures Revealed

by Mike Walden

Are there any natural, side effect-free acne cures available in the market that really works? Can the much publicized drug-free acne cures and OTC medications ever take care of the multi-dimensional factors that cause acne or they are merely meant for addressing its side effects, providing temporary relief? The answer unfortunately is in the negative. After years of painstaking holistic acne research, the author has come to the conclusion that more than 99% of the so called acne treatments available through the medical counters do not work and will never work in curing this disease condition that afflicts millions of Americans youth every year.

Why so?

Very simple. These over-the-counter medications are more attuned to relieving the symptoms associated with acne than eliminating the factors that are responsible for it.

Most conventional acne cures, acne drugs, acne creams, topical applications, hormonal acne supplements including hormonal acne supplements and herbal treatments can never cure acne just because they the are not intended for doing so. They are meant for addressing relief and they are contended in providing that at a fast trot.

The fatal error that most acne sufferer invariably commits relate to their lack of interest in understanding acne. Who is going to tell them that acne is a complex disease condition in which various internal and external factors are involved and it is not a single-dimensional issue that can be tackled with a tablet. Besides, the pimples or the acne lesions show only the tip of the iceberg while the real problem lies much below. That’s why, the much publicized all-natural cures like the 3-day detox or the Chinese herbal acne treatments all prove useless in combating acne on its own ground.

Holistic Acne Cures Is The Only Way Towards Total Acne Freedom

The holistic approach towards acne cure involves much greater parameters than the pimples. In fact, the holistic approach is the only way you can successfully get rid of the acne problems. It digs deeper in turning the wayward system back to health by regulating the breadth, regulating food habits and if necessary, changing the lifestyle so that the person can lead a more meaningful and healthful life. And, in the process, the body becomes free of disease, the complexion clearer and free of blemishes, no more acne to be afraid of.

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