What Can I Do to Prevent Baby Eczema? Google the Internet and Become an Informed Parent, Visit Your Physician Regularly, and Monitor Your Baby’s Diet.

by Gary Pearson

If you have children, you are certainly aware that babies often develop rashes or have reactions to different things. However many babies develop baby eczema which can be much more irritating than any rash they might get. The atopic dermatitis seen in babies is often referred to as infantile eczema. This type of eczema is not limited to infants but is developed by older children as well.

Usually, baby eczema develops on a child when they are just a couple of months old. The eczema will appear as red and itchy skin, or as small bumps on the face. Of course the eczema is not limited to these areas as it can spread as a red and irritated rash to legs, arms, and back which will become an open sore if not treated quickly and correctly. Another common form of eczema appears in the infant’s arm creases or behind the knees and the backs of ankles and wrists.

Probably the worst thing about baby eczema is that your child cannot tell you how bothersome it is. While suffering from untreated eczema babies will often fuss and cry as they are unable to help themselves. This of course creates a level of anxiety in the parent who doesn’t know what is wrong with their child.

There is good news however regarding baby eczema. First of all there are creams and treatments available for baby eczema so if you suspect your child has this condition you should definitely consult their physician. Secondly, over half of infants who have baby eczema will be totally over it within a few years.

There are even environmental changes you can make that can help lessen you child’s eczema, such as avoiding certain foods and using mild laundry detergent. The internet is a great resource to find out information on what causes eczema and how to treat and prevent it.

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