A Look At What Causes Cancer

by Lindelwa Maseko

Cancer has been a plague on humanity for a long time. Think about that for a moment. The reasons cancer is triggered in the body are only theories as it can be caused by many things.

First off it is a good idea to understand exactly what cancer is and try to ascertain whether it is hereditary or something you can acquire. They then invade other cells and repeat the process.

The malignant property of cancer differentiates it from benign tumors which limit their growth and do not invade or metastasize. The frightening statistic is the number people it kills globally each year ” about 13 percent. These abnormalities may be caused by other poisons within the body from smoking, radiation, chemicals or other infectious agents.

For some people the problem lies not with any form of external poison although faults with their parents DNA or genetic makeup can result in a person being born with the diseased cells. It is still not fully understood why one person will contract the disease and another be free from it but it is believed that the interactions between any carcinogens and each person’s particular DNA is complicated.

Owing to the worldwide problem of cancer, it is regularly studied throughout the world and extending our knowledge on the subject. More information is being gathered about all illnesses and why some people are more prone to certain conditions. Ultimately, even if they don’t find the cure for some time, this research may be able to tell us how to avoid contracting cancer in the first place.

It is now believed by many that the food we eat could be responsible for many cases. A high calcium intake could possibly be responsible for cases of prostrate cancer in men.

No-one is immune from cancer. It can affect anyone at some time in a person’s life. Usually the cancer is at an early stage and a person may have a better chance of being cured. It is only a matter of time before a complete cure is discovered.

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