The First Symptoms of Lung Cancer

by Lindelwa Maseko

Do you think that there is a smoker anywhere that hasn’t been told how dangerous smoking is? The Government along with the press, TV and radio make it next to impossible to get away from the problems smoking causes. People that are still smoking after all the anti-smoking campaigns probably aren’t going to are they? More importantly, you shouldn’t think that just because you are under 65 and no-one in your family has suffered from it that you won’t.

For some reason, people are under the impression that you have to be a regular smoker for it to be a hazard, well, think again because if you have just one cigarette it will taint your lungs for a month. Does anyone ever consider what damage just a single pack of 20 will do to them? We’re talking some serious damage here, so, if you’re still on the fence about smoking, I think it’s time for a few recent articles on lung cancer.

You may choose to ignore the situation but there is no reason why you have to remain ignorant of the facts is there. Today, physicians are falling over backwards to help people with a smoking addiction who want to give up before it’s too late. There are some medical conditions that once highlighted the individual will take appropriate action but this isn’t generally the case with smoking.

There are those that just need a bad scare to make them take some action and quit smoking. Often it’s having a smoking related respiratory condition that makes them listen when all the articles on lung cancer didn’t. Obviously even having cancer of the throat doesn’t stop some people because I once saw someone who, even after having this couldn’t stop smoking and they were actually smoking it from a hole in their neck! The term ‘cancer stick’ really does mean something when you get to situation where smoking is literally destroying your body and you still can’t stop.

Smokers may choose to ignore the evidence and the problem but it is not going to go away and it may choose not to ignore you! Any articles on lung cancer, asthma and Bronchitis can inform you of this.

Then there is what they call passive smoking or inhaling the smoke from other people’s cigarettes. With new laws taking effect in the western world, lighting up is going to get harder so why not quit before you are forced to through ill health.

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