Why Understanding Skin Cancer Is Importance

by John Grimmes

Mention the top health threats and everything from heart disease to obesity come up. Many people will also bring up cancer. One form of cancer that is deadly, but does not get enough attention, is skin cancer.

Unlike most cases of cancer, skin cancer is not a hidden risk. It is right there on your skin. People only die from skin cancer for a couple of reasons. Either they do not recognize it as cancer or they do not act on what they see.

Like many health problems, skin cancer is not actually a single illness. There are really three different types of the cancer. They are basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma. Each has varying degrees of seriousness.

While everyone knows of melanoma, basal cell is actually the most common form of skin cancer. In fact, it comprises the vast majority of cases with roughly 90 percent of all skin cancer cases being basal cell.

Given this huge percentage, why do we not hear more about basal cell carcinoma? The answer is all about spreading. Simply put, it does not spread from the point of origin and is thus not deadly expect in very rare cases.

Squamous cell is not as benign as basal cell. It spreads and can be deadly if it makes it to the internal organs. It takes time, however, and the cancer can be effectively treated if it is diagnosed prior to making it to the organs.

Melanoma carcinoma is not only the third form of skin cancer, it is the deadliest. Fortunately, it is also the rarest version. That being said, this is a disease you want to have treated as soon as humanely possible.

Why is this form of skin cancer so deadly? Once again, it comes down to the issue of spreading. Simply put, it spreads quickly through the lymph nodes and blood to the internal organs.

When you hear people dying of skin cancer, it is almost always a melanoma diagnosis. While it is a scary diagnosis, it is the diagnosis in only about four percent of all skin cancer cases each year.

While melanoma is about as scary as it comes, skin cancer usually does not result in death with most patients. The key is early treatment. If you have any doubts whatsoever, seek medical care to prevent problems down the line.

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