How to Overcome Depression in College

Depression is more common in college than you might think. One out of every four young people suffers from some sort of diagnosable mental illness. But, always remember that you are not alone. I suffered from depression for 6 months and finally got out of it, not through medication but through a lot of soul searching. I will show you how to overcome depression in college using three ways that’s worked for me. Changing the people I associated with, changing the activities I did, and changing where I was did wonders to get me out of depression. I did it with the help of a therapist as well, but the biggest realization for me that clicked for depression was when I realized I was depressed for problems I ignored in the past and not realizing what I was destined for. Here I’m going to show you how to get over depression.

One of the easiest ways to overcome depression in college would be to change your circle. If you believe that people who are closest to you are influencing you negatively, please do yourself a favor and stop associating with people who make you sad. Join a new group, try new things. If you are constantly with people who don’t lift you up, stop being with them.

Sometimes in college you need a shift in scenery. The college bubble may make you feel depressed. If so and if you can, travel or move to a different place if your present place is making you feel depressed. If all else fails, a nice walk will always make you feel better and give you more perspective.

Changing your activities is also one of the most important ways to overcome depression. If you are tired of your job, try to do something different in your down time. If you are sick of school, stop studying so much and do something else. It’s easier to change your actions than your beliefs. If you are always doing something that makes you sad, is it a wonder that you feel sad? If you aren’t feeling what you’re doing, change it until you are feeling what you’re doing.

A willingness to change your existing behavior, environment, and the people you associate with is probably one of the fastest ways to overcome depression. You don’t need drugs, but you do need mental resilience to stop doing something that makes you sad. As long as you figure out why you’re depressed, you will be well on the way to feeling better.

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