Turn To Amen Clinics Because Of Daniel Amen’s Mastery

Depression and anxiety are two things that can ruin a life. Both make day to day tasks almost impossible for any person. However, new treatment methods developed by Amen Clinics may have an ideal alternative.

What you first have to understand is that there’s no single form of mental illness. Whether it’s depression or anxiety, you’re going to find that there are many different types. Sometimes one case is totally different from another.

Psychologists and psychiatrists may be able to help somewhat, but they don’t get to the root cause of real anxiety and depression. Daniel Amen, the founder of the clinic takes a different type of approach.

There are several different forms of depression and anxiety, and pinning down which you may be suffering from is vital. This is impossible to figure out with pure psychology or psychiatry. Only a SPECT scan can provide the required information.

Instead of trying to get into your head, treated by Amen literally takes a trip through your brain. Using a special type of scanner he can look at literally every single section of the brain. This way he can view exactly what’s going on inside. By examining this through a SPECT scan, you can find out literally what the illness is.

Basically you’re going to undergo a brain scan. Then a trained psychiatrist is able to look at your brain and determine what your specific disorder may be. That way you can pinpoint what type of anxiety, depression or even obesity you have.

Daniel Amen has been doing this for years as well. The first clinic was founded as far back as 1989, so you know that they must be providing a real service. Through his help, you can count on real and concrete information.

The path to recovery for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, or even obesity is always through correct diagnosis. With Amen Clinics you get your best possible chance of the right diagnosis.

Discover even more in regards to videos of Amen.

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