Discovering The Reason For Your Hair Loss Before Looking For Trea

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Hair Loss can be caused under different situations. There is not just one single cause for hair loss but many that may be causing you to lose your hair. Some hair loss is genetic, but other hair loss can be caused by things such as stress, medication, illness, hormonal issues, or even environmental causes. Hair loss is also not confined to the male gender. Men and women can both experience hair loss. Just as there are many types of hair loss patterns and many reasons for hair loss, there are also many hair loss treatments. It is important to understand why you are losing your hair so that you can better investigate your hair loss treatment options.

Looking For A Personalized Hair Loss Treatment

Because you are a unique individual, the reason for you losing your hair is unique to you. That is why some hair loss treatments work better for some individuals than they do for others. Before experimenting with every hair loss treatment on the market, take the time to investigate the reasons why you are losing your hair. The first thing you should do when considering hair loss treatments, is see your doctor and let him determine if you are losing your hair due to a health reason such as a vitamin deficiency. He can also determine if any of the medications you are taking have been known to contribute to hair loss.

If health problems have been ruled out, next you should take a look at your family history and learn what patterns of baldness may have occurred. The type of balding pattern your hair follows can make a difference in the hair loss treatments that you choose.

Inexpensive Hair Loss Treatments

Fortunately, there are many great hair loss products on the market and most can be purchased without a prescription. If you are suffering from hair loss and you have ruled out health causes you might consider trying one of the following remedies. – Rogaine can be purchased in local drug stores and shows promise in the increase of hair growth. – -Propecia works to lower the production of DHT in your body. It has shown promise in helping men and women alike to slow the loss of hair as well as grow new hair. Please note that It is dangerous to take when pregnant, so if a woman is thinking about having a baby, she should avoid this drug. – There are also several great hair loss shampoos on the market that help to thicken your existing hair. Most of these remedies are quite inexpensive and as a result much more affordable alternatives to expensive procedures such as plugs or implants.

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