What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

by Bob Atkins

Female hair loss is more common than people tend to be aware of and is a major cause of concern in women. Men are almost expected to lose hair as they get older but women don’t consider the possibility or are easily horrified by the idea. Thinning hair or hair loss on a woman can cause depression and stress because the hair is a large factor in a woman’s looks. Nobody gives a second glance to a balding male but people do stare at females with sparse or patchy hair, as rude as this is, because it is considered very unusual. The truth is many more women suffer from female hair loss than you might imagine. Female hair loss can be linked to various factors, either natural causes or exposure to certain things that are responsible for female hair loss.

Outside factors like illnesses, medications, surgery trauma and childbirth all contribute to female hair loss. In rare cases exposure to certain chemicals and elements can also lead to hair loss.

Everybody sheds hair every single day. Hair grows for between two and six years, so one hair might grow continuously and then fall out. The natural cause of hair loss in women is at the end of this cycle when the strands come out. The follicles then grow another strand to continue the cycle. Each strand has a different growth cycle which is why we lose strands of hair every day and never lose a lot of hair in one day and none another day.

Some women prefer a specific hairstyle which might be responsible for hair loss. Wearing your hair in a tight ponytail can irritate the hair follicles by continually pulling on the hair. This makes the hair follicle die out and release the hair. This female hair loss cause can be easily rectified by finding a different hairstyle or wearing the hair loose.

Childbirth is one of what causes hair loss in many women. When a woman gets pregnant, her hormones accommodate the baby and secrete more in order to meet the needs of both mother and unborn child. This influx of hormones is what gives expectant mothers their healthy glow and beautiful hair. When childbirth comes, there is no need to saturate the mother with hormones so the body reduces its production. This is what causes hair loss in women who have just given birth.

As you can see, any one of the above can be blamed to the cause of female hair loss. They are easy to spot as they are noticeable factors. Other causes not mentioned here are often the result of outside factors or diseases.

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