Transformational Addiction/Alcohol Abuse Help Tools and Resources

by Carl-Peter

I have for the last 10 years or so of my life, including the seven I have now been clean, adopted an attitude of being a sponge for new information – and so have tried and experimented with all sorts of resources and books that I felt could help me in not only leaving a life of addiction behind me – but also help me create the life I want.

What I have come to realise in my ‘quest’, is that there are no quick-fixes in trying to recover from an addiction, but that we do all have a source of huge power and potential, sitting mostly dormant inside of us – and that unleashed it has the ability to totally transform our lives into one’s with purpose, fulfilment and joy.

Problem is, we usually find life can be quite tough and even harsh sometimes, so we kind of get lost – and often that can just spiral out of control where before you know it you’re sitting with an addiction to alcohol or drugs. How do I know? I’ve been there!

But what if you could tune into that source of power and potential inside of you? Do you really think you would be struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism if you were feeling spiritually connected, felt good about yourself, and knew how to get rid of those unwanted thoughts & emotions that were keeping you stuck in a life of addiction?

Of course not! Most of us end up struggling with an addiction or substance abuse because coping with life becomes tough for us – and often also because there are deeper psychological and emotional reasons at play.

Okay, so let’s go into what the resources I want to tell you about can do for you. But first I want to tell you – in the last decade that I have been on my quest to continuously seek information and tools I think can help me – I would have to say I believe that the two I’m about to tell you about are the most powerful …

The first one addresses the spiritual, mental and emotional issues that almost everyone alive struggle with – it’s just that us addicts tend to struggle more so, resulting in our more self-destructive behaviours which lead to things like addiction. This tool works at you on the deepest of levels – allowing you to make the most amazing transformational changes – so that looking back in a year’s time, you probably won’t recognise the person you are today.

The second resource or tool really helps you to master your emotions so that you can learn how to replace negative, self-destructive emotions – with powerful and uplifting one’s almost instantly. Can you see how that might help you when you’re feeling lousy and tempted to pick up or drink?

Just to let you know – these resources aren’t just any old tool that promise the world, but in fact deliver extremely little. They have been endorsed by some pretty well-known and influential figures, people you’re likely to have heard about anyway – and if not you would have seen them featured on the film, The Secret. So to discover more – be sure to visit the links shown in the resource box.

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