Awesome Ideas To Remedy Cold Sores

Mouth blisters are the worst, it is not only painful and hassle but downright embarrassing. Such blisters could just pop out without any warning and could really be such a bummer especially when one has some party to attend to during the week end. To be able to get rid of such blisters one is encouraged to try these home cure cold sores and be astonished by its result.

Mouth blister mostly affects the lips or the area surrounding it, it cannot be helped but get noticed as it looks reddish and all swollen and at the same time feel painful. It starts to be a closed blister but as it gets old, it might leak up a clear fluid and would again transmit yet another blister. To some the pain is tolerable but there are others that are just severe.

Herpes labialis is much more similar with mouth blisters but of a serious nature, considering that these are caused by viruses. It mostly affects the lips thus termed as such and often resides on the skin surrounding the mouth or at the lips itself. It looks red, pretty swollen and would sometimes feel painful.

As soon as one is infected with herpes labialis, he will immediately be a carrier of the virus which causes it. Signs will include, mouth pain especially on the lips, sore throat and perhaps swollen neck glands. As there is ongoing infection the body would naturally get feverish. Such disease does not have similar severity, others may be worse.

When one notices a red swelling on his mouth, be wary of it as this might be a herpes labialis. Often times, one may notice the blisters become worse as this could actually erupt and look wet. Symptoms for such disease include mouth pain, swollen neck glands, and perhaps sore throat and fever.

For starters one can start with ice cubes, applying a ice to the blister will make it less painful and may prevent it from developing another blister. Better yet, press a warmed tea bag on the blisters everyday. Teas have and active ingredient called tannic acid which will be the one that acts against herpes virus thus preventing the blister to get worse and prevent another eruption as well.

Once one notices a red blister on his mouth, one is recommended to put an ice over the blister as this will actually lessen its duration. As one compresses the blister with ice, one may feel a relief of the pain, though such technique only offer temporary remedy. To make it more permanent one is advised to compress a warm tea bag on it as some chemicals in the tea could prevent transmission and heal the blister.

There are actually many options to cure cold sores, one can either choose to go synthetic or try the natural treatments first. However, if the disease persists one is advised to consult a doctor to be able to receive the most appropriate treatment.

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