Best Points For Those Who Have Migraine Problems

Migraines usually attack us at very unusual times. Migraines are very painful and annoying at the same time. They do not stop until the factor that triggers migraines are also stopped. So, in order for us to tone down the pain that migraine brings, we also need to tone down and manage the factors that trigger it. Here are some things you can do to manage migraines.

Managing your migraines means that you also need to manage the triggers that cause it. The following are some of the most common triggers that cause painful migraine bouts. These are weather changes, hormones, stress, and brightness. There will also be at times that extreme noise can also trigger migraines. By managing and avoiding those triggers, you are also avoiding migraine itself.

Keep everything in check. Write a journal about when and what triggered your migraine. By keeping a journal you are able to keep track of what triggers your migraine and how you can avoid them the next time around.

Watch what you eat and drink. Stay away from foods that contain chemicals and have high sugar content. White and red wine can also trigger migraines as they are known to have preservatives. Steer clear from foods that are filled with MSG too as they have the tendency to trigger your migraine.

Coffee and other caffeinated drinks are the most common form of trigger. There have been studies that show that coffee can ease headaches but migraines are a special case. Caffeine triggers them so lower your dosage and see what happens.

Extreme smells and noises can also trigger your migraine. So, for you to stop trying to find a way to lessen the pain, steer clear from fragrant lotions or perfumes and away from loud concerts.

Always bring with you sunglasses to protect yourself from the bright sunlight. Sometimes, the only triggering factor to migraine is sunlight or any form of bright light. They are indeed annoying and can sometimes lead to headaches. But for migraine sufferers, they are the ultimate trigger. So, arm yourself with sunglasses to prevent migraines.

Exercise can do wonders to our body. It relaxes us and helps us keep stress away. It also provides homeostasis or a state of equilibrium within the body thus lowering our chances of being hit with migraines.

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