Dietary Supplements for Back Pain

There are many different forms of dietary supplements on the market these days that claim to be able to help with back problems. With the number of people suffering from back pain growing every year, this is definitely a market that is expanding. There are many different forms of dietary supplements for back pain, including vitamins, herbs, and minerals.

For most people, taking these dietary supplements will depend on your particular needs. We wouldn’t recommend taking daily dietary supplements to preventing back problems. Regular exercise and a good diet can do that, however, for people with current back conditions, here are some of the most useful dietary supplements available for back treatment:

Willow Bark

A popular supplement for many years, Willow bark has been known to be very good in dealing with back muscle inflammation and pain. With many back conditions involving inflammation of muscles or nerves, this can be a very useful treatment.

Vitamin D

Another popular and inexpensive supplement is Vitamin D. Taken as a dietary supplement; Vitamin D can reduce back pain and help with our immune system.

Devil’s Claw

A well know anti-inflammatory, Turmeric has been used successfully for many years.


Apart from being the hot spice used in food, cayenne is also sold as a cream that can be very useful as a treatment.


Normally taken in capsules, Omega-3 can be very good for dealing with muscle inflammation.


Devil’s claw is taken as a dietary supplement to treat a wide number of physical problems such as arthritis and tendinitis. Overall, it is very good to reduce pain and inflammation.


A healthy dietary supplement for back pain throughout hundreds over years, Turmeric works by reducing inflammation.

If you do decide to take diet supplements for back pain, here are a few tips to think about before taking the plunge:

Always compare the cost in relation to the risk from any dietary supplements. Some are quite cheap and offer little or no risk, whereas others are expensive and have several side-effects.

Dietary supplements can be very beneficial for many back problems but they are not a cure, be aware of what you are taking and your expectations.

This will not cure a back condition and can only be taken to aid your recovery. In fact, many back problems heal themselves so be aware of any supplements that claim a cure.

This should come with a label and instructions, read them fully before taking anything. If you are already on medication, consult your doctor first.

Back pain can effect your daily life and not all treatments suit everyone. Luckily, there are many more treatments available outside the traditional treatments. For more information on how to minimize the pain of a sore lower back, visit our back pain aid website and learn more now. Unique version for reprint here: Dietary Supplements for Back Pain.

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