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The majority of individuals will suffer from disturbed nights at some point in their life. In general the trigger for sleep problems is often related to a physical condition or emotional upset. For most people they will quickly return to a normal and restful pattern when they recover from a medical condition, or resolve their emotional issues. A sleep apnea dental appliance would not be used to help with this type of disturbed rest pattern.

Sleep apnea causes you to stop breathing for a short period while you are sleeping. You will remain in ignorance of the problem, unless someone sees that you stopped breathing and brings it to your attention. Although you may feel tired in the morning, you may not know why. It is impossible to verify the frequency and severity of the condition until your sleeping patterns have been monitored and assessed in a controlled environment.

There are two types of this condition. The most common type is referred to as obstructive apnea and is generally caused when the upper airway is blocked by excess tissue. Tissue obstructions usually occur in the nasal passages and can be mistaken for sinusitis or flu like symptoms. In some cases, the condition may be the result of injury or malformation of the jaw.

The second and less common type, of sleeping problem, is referred to as central sleep apnea. With this form of the condition, the individual also stops breathing for short periods. However in this instance, they stop breathing because their brain fails to send the correct messages to their respiration system and it shuts down.

The more serious form of this condition is less common, but is called central apnea. With this condition, your breathing is interrupted because your brain fails to send messages to the respiratory system. The respiratory system then closes down until the brain resumes sending the correct signals.

Alternatives to the mask can be provided by the patients dentist. A customized dental appliance can effectively help to eliminate the risks and ensure the patient benefits from a good nights rest. There are a selection of FDA-approved devices which help to keep the airways open by providing support for the tongue and jaw. A dentist can assess the patients condition and fit them with the appropriate product.

Individuals are instructed to use either the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or a customized dental appliance as directed every night. They will benefit from experiencing a more restful and restorative pattern. In addition their partner or room-mate may be pleasantly surprised to find that their snoring has stopped or decreased significantly.

The main down-side of using a customized appliance or a mask, is that they need to be used exactly as directed. It may take a while to become accustomed to wearing a device, but it is worthwhile to persevere and will help to restore a degree of quality to your sleep pattern. A sleep apnea dental appliance is also known to help eliminate snoring.

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