Have You Tried Any Aloe Vera Product?

by Dr Pam AP Jun

I heard about this aloe vera when I was in Israel. This big plant that grow everywhere impressed me.

I tore off part of the plant and saw a green liquid. I was told that it is a aloe vera plant. And the liquid is good for cuts.

Every time I had a scrape, I would simply get a fresh leaf of aloe vera and rub it on the cut. It would always heal quickly.

Although aloe plants are beautiful, they are sort of impractical if all you want is the healing gel of the plants. After all, they take up a huge amount of space and take quite a while to get going.

This is exactly why there are so many aloe vera products today. There are the skin creams, skin lotions and nutritional supplements.

Most of the aloe vera products combine other plant extract. This makes the healing property even more effective.

After drinking the juice, the stomach problem disappears. It probably is the works of the aloe vera juice.

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