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Many patients have benefited from the services of Dr. Mark Hornfeld in regaining their ability to see and this has gone on for several years now. He is a specialist in surgery of the cataract and is responsible for many implants involving intraocular lenses. His experience has been gathered both at his hometown as well as in charity work abroad.

The foundations of this excellent service have been laid at the best institutions having begun his career in biology at at one of the best and most prestigious university in New York. This was in the year 1984 the era when education was taken very seriously. He later received his Do from another equally renown college in the same state in the year 1988.

These foundations were further cemented at the excellent facilities of the Brooklyn Jewish interfaith medical center where he completed his internship. He was a resident professional for one year which he completed meticulously. He went to further his knowledge and understanding in this field in other medical facilities.

He was successful to be awarded a medical oncology fellowship which saw him land at Cabrini which is in the same city he studied at. He found the resources at St. Vincent Hospital fitting for his ophthalmology. He ended up being the chief ophthalmologist there for a while and was known for competence and precision.

He has been very busy doing private practice is a reputable surgeon at several hospitals. They are mainly concerned with medical conditions affecting the eyes and he has competently handled that. He has also been involved in donation of time and free service in India as part of his social responsibility.

The excellent work by Dr. Mark Hornfeld has earned him fellowship in several organizations. Among them are academies dealing with ophthalmology and focusing on the entire world as well as others in cataract affairs. His exploit is surgery has taken him around the world and earned him a chance to offer his services in India.

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