Three Cheers For A Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance

To some people a sleep apnea dental appliance might seem like a knight in shining armor even though it is in reality a fairly humble instrument like a gum guard. The reason to welcome it is that it may be a simple and effective alternative to a somewhat primitive form of therapy that is commonly prescribed. It may in fact save victims from humiliation, inconvenience and expense.

Sleep apnea is one of the many problems that loom as old age approaches, though it might also afflict young people. As muscle tone and body configurations alter the throat tends to constrict as a sleeping position is assumed. Breathing is interrupted and a subject is woken repeatedly throughout the night before he attains the deep sleep that he needs to restore his vitality.

Sleep disorders can affect young and physically fit people. However, lifestyles that include too much eating and not enough exercise are likely to cause the onset of such problems quite late in life. Young people and even infants can also be victims of inadequate repose though the diagnosis may be more difficult in their cases.

Overweight middle aged males are commonly subject to this condition that may render them grumpy old men. When the enter a doctor’s rooms moaning about being overweight and diabetic the health expert will probably start looking for signs of sleep apnea because the condition seems to often be associated with overweight males. He will probably show a video in which a person with the condition exhibits restless repose. Soon the patient will identify his problems and give them the name that the doctor has suggested.

Lifestyle is often a function of a personal environment. It has consequences for health but only quite recently have the two become firmly connected in the public mind, thanks to information technology. A person can become a grumpy old man prone to falling asleep at work. In such cases a therapy known as continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP will possibly be recommended.

Some people accept CPAP as a necessity and they carry their masks, pipes and machines wherever they go. In some cases their sleeping partners accept the nightly contraption over their partner’s features with equanimity. In at least one case a man’s bedfellow gave him the cold shoulder. As he struggled with twisted pipes and a mask that seemed continually skew and leaking he wondered if the therapy was worth the candle.

The problem of inadequate rest has been widely publicized in recent times. Medical research has emphasized the importance of rest and a therapeutic method involves blowing air down breathing passage ways so that they are kept open. Known as CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, the method requires wearing a mask through the night and buying an expensive machine to blow air.

A sleep apnea dental appliance presents itself as a promising alternative to what seems to some like a primitive and cumbersome treatment. Designed and fitted by a dental expert it can be worn at night and will employ a method known as mandibular advancement. By subtly altering the shape of the jaw normal breathing at night may allow for hours of undisturbed, restorative rest.

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