Top Choices of Home Cures for Hemorrhoids

by Kyle Stanley

Hemorrhoids are a common ailment that strikes nearly eight in every ten people at some time in life. They can also be an embarrassing problem that many do not like to talk about, even to their own doctors. The good news is that there are many options in home cures for hemorrhoids that you can try from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

However, if you suspect that you have a hemorrhoid, it is a good idea to see your doctor for a definitive diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The symptoms of hemorrhoids can mimic those of more serious illnesses like cancer, so a check with your doctor is an important first step.

Once you are armed with a diagnosis, you can combat your hemorrhoids with some home cures for hemorrhoids before going back to your physician for another plan. A home cure for hemorrhoids may be all you need to treat your condition if your hemorrhoids are small and relatively nonintrusive. The majority of these home cures for hemorrhoids are inexpensive and some require nothing more than minor changes in your lifestyle which will also lead to better overall health.

Watch your Diet

One such home cure for hemorrhoids that can be tested is to eat plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water. Do not eat foods that are known to cause constipation and choose whole grains and fruits. These types of foods will keep your digestive system working properly and everything will function more smoothly.

Getting enough water is also essential in maintaining good digestive function and can be one of the better home cures for hemorrhoids as well. Water (and the aforementioned fiber) will lead to softer stools which will reduce straining, a common cause of hemorrhoids. A stool softener may be taken as well is the dietary changes alone are not sufficient.

Still another home cure for hemorrhoids is to use a medicated pad to pat the area several times each day. Tucks is one such product that many people use. There are also medicated ointments that can be used. This will not only protect the hemorrhoid but cut down on the amount of discomfort that they cause.

A warm soak for ten to fifteen minutes, three or four times a day can also be effective as a home cure for hemorrhoids. After a few days, your symptoms will likely ease. Avoid irritating the area – use soft toilet paper and apply it very gently. Also, try not to do any heavy lifting, this kind of strain can worsen hemorrhoids.

If it is confirmed by your doctor that you have hemorrhoids, many home cures for hemorrhoids are available. If these do not work for you, go back to your doctor and see what other treatments for hemorrhoids are available.

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