Career Crisis: It’s Not the End of the World

by Estee Taschereau

Layoffs are one of life’s realities. We hope for the best, work our hardest, and it seems that our reward comes in the form of a pink slip and an escort out of the building. There are steps you can take to prepare yourself for starting a new job search.

Layoffs can flood the market with hundreds or thousands of other job seekers who hold the same skills, all looking in the same area. This makes for fierce competition in the job market, with far more candidates than there are new jobs.

How can you reduce the stress that comes with joining the unemployment line? There are many steps you can take to clear your mind of negative thinking, improve your skills, and make this unfortunate situation an opportunity.

There’s not always warning of upcoming layoffs. Sure there can be signs, like an increase in the stress level, or a long-term drop in production. Sometimes the company is prepared for the rollercoaster ride in business, but let the truth be known, not even the company president knows for sure when those layoffs will happen.

Changes in behavior in management can be a sign of a change in the corporate stability. When managers change their patterns and start to micro-manage they are really trying to reestablish control over their work situation. They may know something you don’t, and they may be expressing their own fear of layoffs as well.

What should you do when you see those warning signs? First things first, you should pull out your resume and start working on your updates. Think about the accomplishments you have experienced over the years, how you’ve made yourself a valuable employee. Capture qualities like attendance, promptness, and willingness to learn.

Find ways to empower yourself as well. If you find it difficult to think positive about your resume, that’s okay. Strengthening yourself should be an ongoing, life long service to yourself. Find a method or program to show you ways to think clearer and feel better, such as EFT or Reiki training. Any wellness or self improvement class will pay off.

It is possible to take the unfortunate layoff experience and turn it into an opportunity for self improvement or even a career shift. Take the time to focus on how this change can serve you, and empower yourself with those amazing thought shifting techniques you have learned. Career Crisis’ are not the end of the world.

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