Feeling Things Out

by Dick Ingersoll

We all have a built in mechanism for identifying when something or someone around us is ultimately good or bad for the life we long for. Most of us pay no attention to this system, or are not aware of it, or even make use of it without even knowing it. This method is our intuition, and it is fully functional in all of us. We just need to take the time to reconnect to it.

Of course, instinctual abilities may greatly decrease with the introduction of emotional obstacles in our energy bodies. The more sealed off from the world each of us are, the less able we may be to access this ability. You need to keep your energy open, so that you can honestly experience what I’m telling to you.

When in the presence of a new person or circumstance, quit for a second and notice your feelings; Are you anxious? – Uneasy? – Relaxed? – Calm? – Afraid? Your emotional energy is a great clue as to the nature of your surroundings. This is what we often refer to as our sixth sense, or gut instinct. It’s also referred to as “vibes”, as in “So and so gave off some strange vibes.” These feelings are more often than not excellent assessors of our current situation, and you can use them as a cue to move forward or back up as necessary. In cases where we have habited thinking that causes emotions, we may actually be creating them ourselves. This is why it is important to be completely open, in order to be sensitive to the energy of any person or occurrence. Otherwise, it may just be a mental concoction.

If you want to hone this ability even more, you should first begin working on meditation. As you gain the ability to move into light trance states, and then slightly deeper, emotional barriers and unhealthy mental habits can begin to identify themselves. It is much simpler to identify and eliminate or heal such habits and barriers when in meditation. In many cases, recognizing the barrier or pattern exists may be enough in and of itself to eliminate it.

You may need to work with a hypnotherapist if there is deeply scarring issues in your emotional body. Unsettling or otherwise hurtful events in your past could be damaging a portion of your energy field in the present. Having a healer or hypnotherapist assist in removing such obstacles is an excellent first move towards getting a hold of your full power. You can also buy healing and hypnosis CD’s to listen to each night as you go to sleep. Over time getting fully into these types of materials will allow your subconscious to start the healing process, which may take a day, a week, or a year or more, but will eventually resolve in a healthy, positive energy body.

The more open you are, and the more powerful and clearer your energy field, the more easily you may be able to identify and perceive all of the nuances of a given occurrence. You may know a bad person by the vibe you get immediately, and you will catch phonies in their tracks. When things are going wrong, or if you are at the right place at the wrong time, you will get a sense of that well in advance, and can alter your plans to mesh with better events.

Take control of your natural abilities to perceive. Your life will be smoother and happier for it!

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