Can You Eat Carbs After 7 PM?

If you have been looking online for information on how to lose weight you may have stumbled across the theory that eating carbohydrates late at night is a bad move for effective fat loss. Today we will look at this theory and help you to determine fact from fiction.

Due to the fact that everybody has different opinions in the health industry, it is common to find people who are totally lost on how to achieve their personal goals. People tend to hear several contradicting pieces of information and usually find it impossible to fully commit themselves to a diet or workout routine because there is always somebody in their life telling them that they should be doing something else.

Despite all of the different approaches and the massive confusion out there, the basic principles of a successful diet are the same as they were two decades ago. [youtube:8oGRMaqPfdk;Watch the simple five step guide showing [link:how to lose weight] with fitness instructor Russ Howe PTI.;]

The problem for many people is that there is so much hype out there from companies trying to get you to purchase their products and diet plans, they find it hard to discover the basic, proven facts.

Over the last five years it has become a popular belief that eating carbohydrates late at night will cause your body to store more fat. Is this true? Does your body actually know what time it is when you eat your meals?

Of course not. This myth is a generalization which has been taken slightly out of context and, as a net result, has misled a whole generation of dieters into believing they must starve their body after a certain time of day even if they are hungry.

So, what are the facts behind this statement?

Recent scientific studies point out that individuals who consume a large intake of carbohydrates which remaining largely inactive will find it much easier to store body fat than people who try to consume their carbohydrates around periods of activity.

How does that explain or debunk this myth?

Usually this is the type of headline you would see written on a celebrity gossip magazine, promising quick results for minimal effort. The reason they use such a general term is because their publication is mainly aimed at individuals who work 9-5 jobs and don’t exercise regularly.

They use a generalization to appeal to the majority of their readers. The fact is, however, not everybody fits that stereotype. Your body does not care what time of day it is. If you work a 12 hour shift at your job you cannot be expected to go home and skip a meal because you missed your bus and didn’t get in the house until after 9 o’ clock…

The actual research doesn’t state that it is bad to eat carbohydrates late at night, it states that it is bad to eat carbs while you are in a long period of inactivity. Depending upon your individual lifestyle, that could occur at any point in your day.

What is the solution to guarantee maximum results?

Be sure to fit your main carbohydrate intake around your most hectic point in the day. It’s that simple. Your body will then be able to store less and use more. This also works for those who wish to get bigger but don’t know how to build muscle. Carbohydrates are a fantastic nutrient if used correctly in your diet.

This myth is very common throughout the world now. Almost everybody who wants to know how to lose weight has encountered somebody giving them instructions on never to eat carbs after a certain time of day. Now you know the facts, you will be able to structure your nutrition far more effectively throughout your day.

About the author: Russ Howe PTI is the UK’s leading fitness instructor. If you want to know how to build muscle or how to lose weight our easy video guides will help you get the most from your training.

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