Keep Your Weight Loss From Hitting a Plateau by Tricking Your Metabolism

If you’re like most people, then you have tried quite a few diets, with varying degrees of success. It is likely you lost a little bit of weight, got to a certain point and then, whatever you tried, couldn’t lose any more. This plateau is hit by just about everyone and is common amongst all of the different eating plans. You can’t prevent the plateau problem if you don’t discover how to fool your metabolism.

You most likely have already dealt with this plateau, which will normally end the diet plan with lots of discouragement. The plateau is an unusual event and it happens to even the best dieters when they arrive at the third or fourth week of their diet programs. Until that point weight is coming off and then it simply quits, and practically nothing works to keep the body shedding pounds. This is the body reacting to the changes you’re putting it through. Your body shifts into a protection mode to keep you from starving and it will slow down your rate of metabolism. This, then, stops you from being able to get rid of more weight.

That is why people stop trying to shed weight because, this plateau keeps them from thinking that doing so is achievable. This is where many people return to eating and start getting back their weight usually more than they lost to begin with. The way to stop this is to go for a diet in which you basically shift your calories. This means that you eat a different number of calories every day which can help trick your metabolism. If this works on your body it will not go into “protective” mode. This helps to keep your body’s metabolism working, instead of slowing down, and your body continues to shed weight. If you get to this point, you’ll have passed your plateau and your diet will keep on working the way it was made to work.

It is not difficult to work this plan into your daily regimen. Perhaps the most common method of calorie cycling is the 14 day method. The program goes for two weeks: you do ordinary things for the first eleven and then in the last three you eat whatever you want. You rotate your foods each day, deceiving your metabolism, and for three day eat what you want, avoiding the plateau. This also keeps you from getting frustrated at a rigid regimen with your eating. You can keep doing these 14 days again and again until you are satisfied with your weight loss.

The 2 day plan is another good plan in which you eat as usual for one day and then cut your calories by 20% all the way up to 35%. You do this every two days for as long as it takes you to reach your weight loss objectives. This is a program that you really should try, because it may be exactly what can get you past your plateau, to where you will lose all the weight you’d like.

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