Save Money With Private Label Vitamin Supplements

The competition these days in the vitamin supplement business is an ongoing battle between retailers and suppliers. It is not new that vitamin companies would proclaim that their products have high-quality components not found in others and secret ingredients that would put their vitamins a cut above the others.

Still, it bears mention that most of these vitamin providers buy their products wholesale from private manufacturers.

Here’s the truth behind these major vitamin producers. Private label production companies provide the packaging, as well as manufacture the vitamins for several big names in the vitamin industry like Vitamin World and GNC.

Private label companies also manufacture the vitamins for companies who hawk their products through multi-level networks and other forms of marketing. These sales and MLM agents will focus on secret formulas and processing techniques to sell their overpriced products, but remember where these products came from – private labels.

About thirty percent of all branded vitamin supplements are manufactured and packaged by private label manufacturers like Vitarich Laboratories and Randal Nutritional Products. Vitarich, in particular, needs to be thanked by the multi-level marketing industry for its major role in manufacturing their overpriced vitamins.

This is the shocking truth, but it is in no way a major expose. We believe, though, that vitamin product customers used to name brands should know these facts.

A customer does not need to spend big money in order to get healthy with vitamins. In fact, many dietitians, pharmacists and physicians recommend going with generic brands. To ensure good quality for any vitamin product, make sure it has the approval of the U.S. Pharmacopeia, or USP, on the label.

However, not all generic, or private label brands are a cut above brand name vitamins. Just don’t believe everything the retailers would tell you about their products.

Before going for a more expensive brand, do your homework first by researching. We advise staying away from more expensive brands and their secret formulas if the manufacturer would also choose to keep the location of their production center a secret.

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