The Many Supplements Diamond Foods Provides

While you may not have heard of Diamond Foods, it’s actually one of the biggest snack producers on the market today. They make several different products that you’ve probably heard of, and definitely eaten. The way that they’ve grown since their founding in 1912 is nothing short of incredible. People like InsideView have been responsible for that progression.

From rather humble beginnings as back as far as 1912, originally this was just a ploy to sell walnuts. A few walnut farmers had gotten together, to form a bigger conglomerate, that would make distributing the nuts easier, and more cost effective.

Back then nut companies weren’t really the giants they are today. Nobody knew their names, and you really just bought whatever was available at your store. But Diamond changed that by advertising on television. Something another nut manufacturer had never done before.

You’ve got to find as many buyers as possible if you really want to be successful in the food industry. Opening themselves up to other countries, turned out to be one of Diamond’s best decisions. That’s when they really started to succeed.

Despite the type of success that they had become accustomed to, it still wasn’t enough to give them an iron grip on the snack industry. Which is why Emerald Nuts was created in the first place.

Just like Fisher and Planters, which are known for their mixed nuts, Emerald Nuts was launched to provide a wide variety of different type of nut products. They were wildly successful, which led to the acquisition of other brands.

After this, Pop Secret was purchased, and then Kettle Chips. This way CFO was able to branch out, and actually target other types of snack foods besides just nuts. That gave them a much larger share on the market.

This sort of success is what led them to try and acquire the Pringles company. Diamond is ever growing, and are keen to advance their already 10% hold on the snack market. If they keep going, you can bet you’ll be seeing new Diamond products all the time.

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