The Secret Superfruit of Great Skin

Blueberry As A Superfood According To Skin Care Professional Dr. Perricone

Quite often, when we think of superfoods we think of spinach, grapes, green tea extract and other veggies as well as extracts which are mainly outlined because of their levels of antioxidants. Did you already know that the actual blueberry is among the most nutritious and also effective superfoods?

With respect to Dr. Perricone, among the world’s foremost skin care professionals, “Blueberry combined with acai berry possess one of the greatest known degrees of antioxidants of a typical food.” Greater compared to red wine and also green leaf tea mixed. It is full of amino acids, vitamins, and anti-oxidants, and also essential fatty acids. Whole, fresh blueberries are best, however pure blueberry juice as well as combination blueberry and pomegranate juice are available at your local food store within the produce section.

Dr. Perricone within his top selling book The actual Perricone Prescription says that for optimum skin care one should regularly eat high anti-oxidant foods just like blueberry, acai, pomegranate, and also spinach. These kinds of food items with their high concentrations of anti-oxidants as well as nutrients help combat and may even reverse the process of getting older.

Together with the right diet filled with anti-oxidant rich foods one can essentially cease wrinkles right where they are. A balanced nutrition along with a excellent skincare regimen can easily generate incredible outcomes. A great skin care program carries a mild cleanser (absolutely no soap because it is too tough and definitely will dry up the skin), a moisturizer filled with antioxidant extracts, and skin peels to improve shedding and reduce oily build up (resulted in acne). It is also a good option to use a high spf sun protectant.

The best medical colleges are still studying high percentage antioxidant extracts just like blueberry for anti-cancer properties and also possible and promising remedies. In clinical settings there is proof why these antioxidant rich foods have reasonable influence on several types of cancer.

Truly the blueberry has numerous current and promising capabilities and also, as a superfood such as acai reported by Dr. Perricone, should be made a staple of each and every diet for more health, great skin care along with longevity.

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