Weight Loss: Learn How to Eat During the Holiday Season

by Ricardo d Argence

When you’re on a weight loss program, it is very tempting to eat foods that prove to be harmful to your body. However, it is the very last thing you’d want to do!

It’s just one cookie, it won’t do any damage…right? Well, did you realize that one little cookie a day for a month can add an extra pound to your weight? During holiday season it can be especially difficult to resist the lure of delicious food and stick to a diet. Here are some handy hints as to how you can manage to maintain your weight loss during these periods.

It is important to never skip meals. Being tired and hungry most of the time will leave you feeling pretty grumpy. If you think skipping a few meals can make up for your intentions to splurge on those tasty holiday meals, you are dead wrong! It will most likely cause you to be extrememly hungry during the holiday season, causing you to over eat.

You must eat before the party. It is a good idea to snack before the party, and select a high fiber meal. Adding lots of fiber to your diet will help make you feel full so you’re less likely to binge on all the sweets and high calorie holiday goodies.

Keep away from the buffet table. Resisting a wonderful looking dish can be hard enough, but smelling it can break the toughest of willpowers. Choose a healthy helping of those foods you need-the salads the fruits and a snack or two and move away from the table as fast as you can. At times when you are about to give in to those urges to eat, it helps to distract yourself by participating in a conversation that is of great interest to you.

Drink lots of water. Water is a great lubricant and helps you keep dehydration away during the weight loss program. Drink plenty of them during the party to avoid feelings of hunger-they do a good job of filling your tummy instead of binging on the food. Water will also help to fire up your metabolic rate and helps flush fats away.

A Good Amount of Exercise. Exercise is very crucial to keeping your metabolism raised up and the adrenalin going so you don’t have to turn to food to feel good. Don’t let the holiday season hold you back from exercising. This is the worst excuse to have for not exercising.

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