How To Boost Green Tea Extract Benefits?

Green tea extract benefits can be significantly greater when mixed with lemon. In order to fully understand this idea, let us first look into the health impacts of mixing food.

Most diet experts will agree that blending food can harm or boost a person’s physical health. Most people suffering acid reflux following a buffet like meal may blame the amount of food, but in some occasions poor food combination is the contributing problem. As an example, mixing melon with any other food is not the best decision.

In most cases fruits are digested within the stomach without any problems. Melons are above 90 percent water meaning that they break down even faster. If the digestion of food is delayed because of blending with other food, fermentation takes place in the stomach potentially triggering acid reflux, upset stomach, indigestion and excessive gas. On the flip side, some food blends enhance the health benefits by assisting the absorption.

Olives and tomatoes are a great idea. Tomatoes are considered a good source of Lycopene in the realm of diet. Lycopene provides health rewards like protection from cancer and fight against heart diseases. When tomatoes are consumed simultaneously with olives the positive effects are boosted. Olives enhance the absorption of Lycopene. So what about lemon and tea?

Digestive aid, diabetes prevention, weight loss, cancer prevention and healthy heart are the various tea benefits. These health benefits are achievable because of green tea’s antioxidant, catechins. Even though the positive factors of catechins are great, researches indicate that these antioxidants are easily degraded inside the human intestines following digestion no more than 20 percent of them will be remaining for absorption.

Lemon also has antioxidant that is vitamin C. It plays a role in some of lemon’s benefits for example digestive aid, skin care, and fight against throat infections. More to the point vitamin C creates more desirable environment for catechins to be available longer when mixed together.

By the addition of Vitamin C, human intestine becomes an acidic environment for catechins. This process makes catechins to be more available for absorption. In fact it does not need to be lemon. Any citrus fruit juice like grapefruit, orange or lime will upgrade the absorption function. Even so lemon appears to be the most effective of all indicating that some other elements of lemon are possibly contributing to the catechins availability.

Blending tea and lemon juice may also be tastier considering tea’s natural taste is bitter. For those trying to find an option to tea, there are a lot of green tea capsules with vitamin C.

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