How to Reduce Menstrual Cycle Bloating Fast and Safely

Boating during menstrual cycle is one of the most common symptoms that women have to deal with every other month. Thankfully, there are various ways to reduce bloating so you can get back to feeling like normal, even during your period. Most women not aware that to reducing period bloating is easier than they are think.

One of the best ways to reduce bloating during periods is to take aloe vera capsules or to drink aloe vera juice. Because the leaves of the aloe vera plant contain natural anti-inflammatory, they work with the body to reduce swelling or block swelling from occurring in the first place. The natural herb also helps the body to break down food and liquid easily and flush it from the body faster. Since the body stores water during menstruation, aloe vera will release it quickly and lessen the bloating.

It is also a good idea to take notice of some of the foods that are eaten during your period or right before the onset of your menstrual cycle as some foods and beverages contain high amounts of salt and caffeine. Such things like soda and soups have light levels of these two things and both will cause the body to retain water. By eliminating or reducing the intake of sodium and caffeine, the body will not keep as much water and bloating will be less.

Likewise, as you should avoid some foods and drinks, you should also increase certain foods which act as diuretics and help balance the water within the digestive system. Foods that you should eat more of should contain high levels of potassium as it will lessen the amount of water kept by the body and at the same time, also contain asparagines which will flush the water from the body in a natural manner. Foods that are rich in potassium include spinach, mango and bananas.

As you avoid foods and beverages during your period, also keep in mind that other foods can play a pivotal role in reducing bloating. Foods that are high in potassium such as bananas, asparagus and mango all contain a lot of potassium and potassium naturally will regulate the body’s absorption and release of water. These foods also have what is referred to as asparagines as well which is a natural diuretic that will cleanse the body effectively of water weight.

Another way that many women reduce bloating during the menstrual cycle is to increase the intake of certain vitamins that are diuretics and help the body release excess water. These vitamins include vitamin A and vitamin B6, both of which have been studied and have been found to help the body purge water quickly and effectively.

Additionally, physicians also tell their patients to consider taking a non-prescription pain reliever a few days before the onset of the menstrual cycle and then each day during it. Many period relief medicines such as Midol act as natural diuretics which can help with bloating as well as other symptoms of periods such as stomach pain and migraines.

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