Causes for Cramps without a Menstrual Cycle – Should You Be Worried?

It can be alarming for a woman who is expecting her period and has cramps but has not yet gotten her monthly cycle. Anytime we experience pain within the body, without seemingly good cause, it creates concern that something might be wrong. Before you advance to acute worry, you should be aware that many women ask why do I have cramps but no period, and that there are various reasons for these symptoms.

Ovulation can often cause cramping in women and it explains why there is cramping but no period to account for the pain. When a woman ovulates will vary from woman to woman, however most doctors say that ovulation occurs directly in the middle of the month and about two weeks before your next period if you tend to follow a typical 28 day period cycle.

During ovulation a woman’s body sends a series of signs that the body is getting ready to produce the eggs which will be fertilized and create life. One of the main signs of ovulation is cramping in the lower abdominal area and particular to one or the other sides of that region. As much as 60% of women can feel and know they are ovulating because they will have slight to extreme cramping during this time of the month.

It may also be that your menstrual cycle is only a day or two away. Women typically vary in how long their cycles are and that window ranges from 25 to 35 days normally. If you have some cramping but are expecting your period or if you are a day or two late, cramping can be a signal that it is on its way. During menstruation and often a few days before the uterus begins to contract as it rids of the uterine lining and this is the pain that you are feeling. Wait a few days before you become concerned to see if your cycle begins.

Often pregnancy can be another culprit of having cramps without a period to account for them. Once an egg has been fertilized by sperm the uterus has to find a way to prepare itself and make room for a baby to fit in that small space. As the muscles in and around the uterus contract and release, common side effects is mild or sever cramping and even in the first few days of pregnancy, some cramping and pain can be present. Those who suspect they may be pregnant can take a store bought pregnancy test as early as the first day of their missed period or visit their doctor or clinic for a blood test which will undoubtedly tell them if they are pregnant.

There are however some medical explanations that also can be the causation of cramping without a period such as Premature Ovarian Failure, ovarian cancer and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. These medical conditions are dangerous and thus if you suspect after ruling out other causes that you may have one of them you should visit your physician to rule out these possibilities.

Finally, normal stress, weight changes, medications one takes and eating habits can all effect our menstrual cycle as well as how our body experiences pain. Some medications both over the counter and prescription can cause cramping and can delay even the most regular period cycles. Gaining or losing a large amount of weight in a short time can greatly affect cycles as well and it is possible that you still may experience common symptoms such as cramping, but still not have your period. The onset of menopause is also a common reason women experience cramps but no period.

All of these things can influence when we have our menstrual cycles as well as cause some prolonged cramping in the absence of a period.

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