Fighting PMS Depression For a Better Life

PMS depression symptoms are something that many females face to some extent. More than 75% of all females encounter PMS at some point in their lives. PMS depression signs can be very dangerous things. Some females just experienced slight changes in feelings, but others encounter serious depressive moods that can really limit the total well being.

PMS depression happens for several reasons. One of the greatest factors is the hormone variations in the body. During PMS, the level of estrogen increases and progesterone is reduced. This huge modification causes lots of destabilization in the body with the various hormones and nutritents that are required to maintain health. When hormones modify in this fashion, blood sugar drops. This drop in blood sugar causes a destabilization in the body and brain. Serotonin is the chemical in the brain responsible for emotions and when this level falls, individuals develop uncontrolled depression. There are several ways to battle this undesirable hormone difference. One of the best choices is to eat at frequent time periods. This will keep the blood sugar level and end the drop of blood sugar levels.

Another problem females face is a lack of the calcium nutrient. Research says that about ten days before a period, calcium drops from the body at a significant rate. Calcium is responsible for maintaining hormone levels and stabilizing reactions. Recent reviews show that maintaining a balanced level of calcium can help battle various PMS signs like breast pain, uterine cramping, and depression. The best way to keep calcium level is to create a diet where you get the daily required amount of calcium nutrients. Women between 19 and 50 years of age require at least 1000 IU of calcium daily.

The third problem females experience is the stress and stress reaction women have when the period is present. Under normal circumstances, people can handle their daily lives without much trouble, but when hormones make changes, that is no longer true. This means that frequent stress that we deal with everyday now causes higher stress reactions in the body. This takes a huge toll on our emotional states. One way to deal with this is to restrict your stress around your period. You can do this through thought soothing techniques like yoga exercises or meditation that can help relax and slow your mind.

There are many items on the market that are working on female PMS and PMS depression. These supplements are promoted as hormone stabilizers. Hormone stabilizers are going to provide females with appropriate dosages of required vitamins and minerals for hormonal balance. When the body is in balance, PMS depression symptoms do not occur. For females who experience PMS depression symptoms, hormone stabilizers and organic items may be something to consider in order to control your emotional state without prescription or over the counter medications that may have side effects.

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