Is Healthy Living an Attainable Goal?

by Virginia Pipolini

What does it take to be healthy in this day and age? Our body operates at an optimum PH or acid/alkaline balance, and a poor diet will drag that PH balance to the acid side, an imbalance that caters to toxins, bad bacteria, Candida or yeast overrun, parasites, and even cancer.

Parasitic and Unhealthy cellular growth such as Candida and cancer prefer and thrive on an acidic, sugar rich diet. How much of your craving comes from the voice of those sweet-tooth happy free-loaders? Does our diet contribute to an unhealthy PH balance in the body, and even support illness?

Did you know that the human body is host to an average of two pounds of parasitic bacteria and other host-dependent organisms? Before you cringe, hang on, some of that is the beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract that you rely on to digest your food. Now the flip side: if you eat a typical western diet you likely host some non-beneficial organisms. That can include fungi, yeast in the form of candida, even parasites. We typically acquire those host-reliant free-loaders because of an imbalance or high toxin level in our body.

What we do not and can not release through our breathing and excreting must be dealt with in some other way, and that is either to float it in our lymphatic and blood systems, or to store it away as best we can. What are the body’s storage containers? We store those toxins in our fat cells, for fat cells are the storage space in the body.

Is there a solution to our burdened digestive process? Detoxification of the body is the best way to change the PH balance and restore the natural alkaline balance. Those cravings for sugars taper off because we no longer host those sugar-hungry organisms within the body.

As we detoxify our cells naturally release those waste products and toxins that overburden us and cause fatigue and pain. Detoxification of the body as a whole is an important key to creating a PH balance within the body and lessen the chance of harmful effects caused by Candida and even Cancer.

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