Keeping Muscle and Burning Off Fat – Doing Things The Right Way

If you have been trying to burn fat, not muscle, and have been having a hard time doing it, we really do understand. Millions of people know the same pain and frustration with this. However, this goal does not have to be impossible to reach nor frustrating. Your dedication and commitment is all you need to see it through as well as correct information. If you have difficulty with sticking with an exercise program, then we suggest that maybe you have not found one you really enjoy doing. You will find that you do not mind exercising if you are having fun when doing it. Actually, you should look forward to exercising once you start to see results.

What you must do is reduce your calorie intake so that there is a deficit. Even though this can be done in an effective way you should not reduce the amount of fat and protein you consume. Yup, instead we shall be cutting the carbohydrates.

The next suggestions are about how you can burn fat without harming your muscle mass too much. But first, it is important you understand that roughly the first twenty or so minutes of exercise produces glycogen burn instead of fat burn. So, keeping that in mind, you should start off by doing a bit of resistance work during those first 20 or so minutes. First and foremost you’ll need to get started by doing some warming up, then you can do stretches and finally the resistance exercise.

You can then do some cardio work which will be burning off fat stores, not glycogen. So give this a try for a while and see how you get on.

You can then do some cardio work which will be burning off fat stores, not glycogen. So try doing this for a little while then take a look at the results.

Here is an old piece of known wisdom that has been around for a long time. But, surprisingly, not everybody knows this, and it will truly make a difference with your eating habits. Chew your food many times and eat quite slowly. There’s a 20 minute time lag from when your stomach is full and when your brain gets the signal that it is.

In this article we have gone over some common sense and scientific ways of burning fat and not muscle. All of this “stuff” works very well, and so just learn and employ a little common sense with what you do.

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