Natural PMS Remedies You Might Not Know About

When it comes to natural PMS remedies, nature has been extremely bountiful.

For centuries women have relied on these ingredients by using plants to control or eliminate their PMS and menstrual symptoms. As good as these remedies were, however, something still seemed to be missing. It was like looking at a jigsaw puzzle with some missing pieces; that is, the overall effect was marred by empty spots. While shamans and wise-women of various cultures knew that something was needed to fill those spaces, they were not aware of what that missing piece was.

Years of dedicated research, however, have yielded that missing puzzle piece – and it’s time to reveal that it was the combining of the various ingredients being used. That knowledge is now being used to create the most effective natural PMS remedies ever!

Herbs are a Vital Component

Women have, for generations, turned to herbs to obtain relief from the discomfort of their PMS symptoms. It is only in this century, however, that optimum combinations of herbs were developed, thereby allowing the creation of natural PMS remedies specifically targeted to deal with the variety of symptoms that can occur. Herbs such as black cohosh (mood elevation) and wild yam (pain relief) were both commonly used to deal with these symptoms of PMS and menstrual discomfort, but it’s only recently that it was determined that each of these herbs actually increased the effectiveness of the entire supplement. This combining of natural ingredients makes for one of the most effective PMS controllers that nature has provided. These supplements also include calcium which is a key to increasing the absorption of nutrients by the body, which is especially important during women’s menstrual cycles. Minerals such as iron and magnesium are also included to improve the body’s ability to process nutrients more effectively; their inclusion creates an extremely effective recipe for naturally relieving such PMS and period-related symptoms as backaches, breast tenderness, irritability, and mood swings.

Vitamin B Improves Moods

While it is common knowledge that one needs adequate amounts of Vitamins C, E and K (Potassium) during one’s period, it is less commonly known that vitamins in the B family are necessary for moderating the mood swings – often severe – that can plague women during their menstrual cycles. The most important of the B vitamins necessary for this purpose are Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-2, and Vitamin B-6. Known as “mood lifting” vitamins, these three B vitamins are known for balancing hormones, boosting moods, and elevating one’s spirits.

Knowledge of the effective use of these natural remedies is extremely important, given that 85% of women will experience some or all of the symptoms of PMS at some point during their reproductive lives, to the point where it impedes their ability to function normally.

The good news is that it is not necessary to spend a fortune on individual supplements in order to obtain the benefits of each of them; one can easily obtain a natural supplement – like Period Vitamin – that is targeted to control both PMS and menstrual symptoms. Such a targeted supplement, containing all the ingredients above, will provide the necessary material to successfully reduce or eliminate women’s menstrual symptoms, no matter how severe they are!

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