Self-Care: Recognizing what are Signs of PMS

Recognizing what the signs of PMS are is the first step in finding the relief that women all over the world seek each month. PMS is a group of symptoms that affects approximately 85% of all women at least once during their reproductive lives. PMS is often unrecognized, though, because its symptoms can vary greatly, both from woman to woman, and from month to month for any given woman.

PMS and Physical Discomfort

A good starting point is checking for physical discomfort, arising from PMS-related symptoms such as back or body aches, bloating, cramping, fluid retention, and headaches that occur in the week or so before one’s period starts. Many women also experience painful swelling of their feet, or that their clothing doesn’t seem to fit properly.

One of the most annoying physical PMS-related complaints is, for many women, breast over-sensitivity and swelling, often accompanied by the leaking of fluid from one’s nipples as well as aches and pains. These breast issues generally last only for the duration of a woman’s cycle, but should breast pain be severe, or if a lump is discovered, a woman should consult her doctor so that other, non-period breast issues may be ruled out.

Physical Embarrassment

PMS symptoms can embarrass women in addition to/instead of being uncomfortable. Severe acne breakouts, for example, caused by hormonal and chemical changes related to the menstrual cycle often occur both before and during their periods.

Emotional/Mental Problems are among the most Annoying Symptoms

Emotional/mental issues are also common among PMS sufferers. These symptoms can range from difficulty in remembering things to general irritability or anxiety. A woman might also be unable to recall things she needs to do, be irritated for no reason, or be unable to concentrate on tasks at hand. These symptoms can have a real negative impact on a woman’s life in terms of social, family, and job interactions and relationships, as well as causing her to feel as if someone else is inhabiting her brain.

Another form of the mental/emotional discomfort of PMS is the occurrence of extreme mood swings or changes. These can not only cause you misery, but can make those you interact with feel miserable, too. One of the best things one can do for oneself is to recognize these symptoms, and treat them as quickly as possible.

Safe and Effective Natural Remedies Available in Supplements

Herbal supplements are among the best ways to treat PMS, especially with the availability of all-natural supplements that are designed to specifically target and treat both PMS and menstrual symptoms. It is important to note, however, that most of these supplements perform optimally when they are taken as a preventative, that is, before one’s symptoms begin. One way to accomplish this is to keep a calendar so that one is aware of when one’s PMS symptoms are likely to appear. This way, one can plan to start taking a supplement before the onset of symptoms.

Supplements Contain Proven Natural Ingredients

Many great natural ingredients can be found in supplements, including vitamins, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Potassium (K), and the B vitamins along with herbs like evening primrose, white willow bark, and black cohosh. These herbs have been used for centuries by various cultures as remedies specifically for women’s issues and pain relief, the reduction of mood swings, and counteracting general PMS-caused discomfort.

Other ingredients included in targeted PMS supplements include minerals such calcium and magnesium, which noted for their ability to reduce fluid retention in addition to reducing or preventing cramping. Magnesium, specifically, is known for improving the absorption rate and effectiveness of calcium’.

What are signs of PMS that can be quickly identified and treated? They are physical, mental, and emotional discomforts that can easily be treated naturally. Proper diet, adequate rest, and moderate exercise – in short, a healthy lifestyle – and a natural supplement are one’s best tools for dealing with PMS symptoms. Once one can anticipate, with the aid of a calendar, their onset, one can begin a regimen of supplementation to prevent many symptoms and alleviate those that cannot be prevented.

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