Addressing Period Weight Gain

Weight gain during a period can be annoying side effect of PMS. It is not uncommon for women to gain weight during PMS or a period. There are two main reasons that women gain weight during a period or PMS. The first of those is through bloating. Luckily, bloating is a temporary side effect of PMS. However, it can still be uncomfortable and make you feel awful. The second main reason for weight gain during PMS or during a period is due to food cravings.

Cravings entice women to eat more sugar and high fat foods while exercising less. This means that women are going to experience problems with putting on weight. Food cravings are often the reason women gain weight during a period. When hormones fluctuate in the body, women tend want more sugary and high-fat foods. In taking in these high-fat foods and abandoning healthy eating habits women are going to put on weight.

Women avoid exercise during a period. This happens because other PMS symptoms like cramping, depression, and fatigue keep women out of the gym. These symptoms are going to make it hard for women to overcome the pain or find the energy to get to the gym. The unfortunate part about this situation is that exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight PMS symptoms. When there is a combination of high fat foods, high sugar foods, and a lack of exercise, women are likely to put on anywhere from one to five pounds.

It is not impossible to fight PMS weight gain. There are some things that women can do to fight off the weight gain that comes with a period. One of the first things to do is maintain a normal, healthy diet and exercise regimen. A healthy, balanced diet is going to promote a steady blood sugar level and fighting those cravings will keep weight off. For some women, this is easier said than done. In this case, there are natural supplements on the market that are designed to fight food cravings and other symptoms so women have more energy. These supplements are made from a variety of vitamins, herbs, and minerals that will provide adequate nutrition for women, as well as creating a balance in the body that decreases hormone fluctuations, reduces food cravings, and reducing PMS symptoms that keep women from getting the exercise they need.

Weight gain during a period can cause havoc on women by making them feel bad about themselves and creating discomfort in the body, but there are things you can do to stop it.

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