The Truth Behind PMS Symptoms

There are a wide range of PMS symptoms the plague women every month. These can range from physical to psychological in nature. As many as 75% of all women will experience PMS of them sometime in their lives and these PMS symptoms can include things like cramping, breast tenderness, mood swings, and many symptoms that are uncomfortable and detrimental to women’s wellbeing. With so much time taking out of everyone’s life for PMS symptoms, it is a real hassle for women to not get treatment for the symptoms.

There are many different types of remedies for PMS symptoms the people have tried. Some work while others don’t. Let’s look at the science behind a few of these remedies. One of the most common treatment and most popular among doctors is birth control pills. Birth control pills are away to help women prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation. Since they do help level hormone changes somewhat, PMS symptoms may be lessened, but they do not go away. Many women still experience PMS symptoms and a period just like any other month. These pills also come with very dangerous side effects like strokes, heart attacks, and blood clots.

Over the counter medication is a second option. There are many to choose from like PMS aids, pain relievers, diuretics, and many others. Since you need a different pill for each PMS symptoms, this means women are taking lots of pills. Not only are many pills required, but they only last between four and 12 hours, so the frequency is higher, as well. Women can experience PMS symptoms as early as ten days before a period. The math says this is a lot of medication to take to get temporary relief.

Natural remedies are something that is becoming popular. These involved things like heating pads, warm baths, massage, etc. While these are great remedies for PMS symptoms, they are not always convenient for a busy woman. You have no control over when PMS will strike and it may not be at a time where you can get to a bathtub for several hours.

This all sounds very daunting and a bleak outlook for women who are suffering from PMS symptoms every month, but there is some good news. There are new vitamin supplements on the market called hormone stabilizers. These stabilizers combine various minerals, vitamins, and herbs the women need, not only for balanced nutrition, but they also stabilized hormone fluctuations and stop PMS symptoms from ever occurring. The idea behind a hormone stabilizer is that when vitamins levels drop hormone levels fluctuate. This means PMS symptoms occur. By providing women the right balance of minerals and vitamins, hormone levels stay stable and do not fluctuate, hence PMS symptoms do not occur. Not only do these supplements provide women with a way to eliminate or PMS symptoms, but they are also safe and natural so there are no harmful side effects to women’s health. For women looking to get complete PMS symptom relief, hormone stabilizer supplements are definitely the best way to go.

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