Things You Need To Understand About Breast Tenderness During Period

The severity of breast pain during periods often range from mild to very severe. Women who experience this tenderness usually begin to notice subtle signs of it about a week before the menstrual cycle starts and as it gets closer, the pain will often become more severe. Generally speaking, once your period is mid-cycle or nearing its end, the tenderness will begin to subside.

The breasts of a woman consist of a lot of tissue and follicles that may increase in size and even feel lumpy and this tends to be exaggerated as the menstrual cycle begins. Some areas of the breast have more tissue and follicles and it is within these areas that the lumps may feel larger. Typically during periods the breasts also feel fuller and weigh more than during other times of the month.

The level of estrogen that is naturally produced in a woman’s body automatically increases during periods and is at its highest about mid-cycle of menstruation. When estrogen is released it will cause an increase in size to the breast ducts which is one of the reasons the breasts appear and feel fuller. Right before the onset of the menstrual cycle another hormone called progesterone is also released and this delivers milk to the milk glands. That too can contribute to breast tenderness and soreness.

It is common for almost all women to experience some degree of breast tenderness right before their period or when it begins. While some women notice only mild tenderness, others experience sharp pains, large lumpy ducts and the breasts are extremely tender to the touch. This is also most common in women who are in their childbearing years and for women who have already had one child or more.

Generally by mid-cycle or on the last day of their menstrual cycle the breast tenderness lessens as the estrogen levels become more normalized. It is very rare that once the period ends that the breasts remain tender and a large percentage will notice no pain on or about the second day of their period.

For women who have acute breast tenderness, there are some simple things that can be done to lessen the amount of discomfort. One key element is to buy a bra that is supportive and that fits snug to the body. If the breasts are not free to move a lot, much of the pain can be controlled. Also buy a bra that has thicker, supportive straps as this will keep the breasts close to the body and limit their movement.

Drinking and eating less caffeine and vastly increasing how much water you drink are helpful ways to lessen breast tenderness and both will assist in leveling out the estrogen levels in the body. It is also important that you decrease the amount of salt in foods and drink as well.

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