What Are The Drawbacks Associated With The Ice Cream Diet?

The Ice Cream Diet, as the name suggests, allows someone to still enjoy something that is the bane of all weight watchers, yet people can lose weight with it. Since almost everybody loves ice cream, this diet sounds great, but possibly too good to be true. What we’re going to do is perform a review of this thing called the Ice Cream Diet, and let’s see if this is all bogus, or not.

This is a low cal diet; yes it’s true, even though you are supposed to eat ice cream every day. The diet recommends you eat only high quality, fresh, and healthy foods; then the ice cream is included as part of the total daily caloric intake. The bit about eating daily ice cream is that it acts like a treat (reward) for your efforts. Ice cream has nutritional value in it, even though we all know it’s fattening. Ice cream, obviously, has dairy/milk in it – so there is some calcium plus a little protein. There really are some diets that are low calorie, and you won’t get the added nutrition you will from the Ice Cream Diet. This can help you to stick with it long enough to get results.

This diet is designed to keep the daily calories limited, but you can still eat that wonderful ice cream each day. So, ok, it looks reasonable because you’ll be expected to include regular work-outs, as well. Very many people do better when they’re rewarded for good efforts, and that’s the point about the daily ice cream treat. On the other hand, or phrased differently, so many people have an impossible time only eating foods that aren’t necessarily enjoyable. People are different – some can get by fine on the Spartan approach, and others need a little more support; and that is the appeal and approach with the Ice Cream Diet. Fruits and vegetables that are fresh plus good sources of fiber and protein is the mainstay of your diet. Then as you know there is the ice cream, but still they make recommendations such as organic ice cream. Check out gelato ice cream if you’re not familiar, it is Italian ice cream that has a lot less sugar and fat in it. It’s best to shop around, or go to a health food store that sells healthier varieties of ice cream. You can really shed some pounds following this diet if you choose good quality ice cream and stick to the Ice Cream Diet plan.

Testimonials in support of the Ice Cream Diet are need to show that the diet really works. This relatively new diet has quite a few people who claim that it works. However, it must be admitted that it’s too soon to say for certain that the Ice Cream Diet is as effective as its advocates claim. You are the only one who can say if this diet will work for you and you wont know unless you try it.

Overall, the Ice Cream Diet can help you to lose weight if you follow its recommendations. But hey… no sneaking more of the cold, good stuff than you should – if you do, you know what will happen. The reward system designed into the Ice Cream Diet can be highly effective for those who like the idea of having the little treat/reward every day.

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