Menstruation Cycles and Women’s Weight

Women’s menstrual cycles cause a myriad of discomforts to varying degrees. Among these symptoms are acne, breast tenderness, cramping and mood swings. Another chief complaint of women during menstruation is bloating, with some women reporting that they increase their size by one or two sizes around or during the time of their menstrual cycle. So, why do women gain weight during their period? As it turns out, there are some clear cut and biological reasons behind the weight gain.

At the heart of a woman’s menstrual cycle are various hormonal changes which occur. The endocrine glands are solely responsible for releasing hormones which cause not only psychological changes within the body, but also physiological changes as well.

Throughout the month, women have estrogen and progesterone within their bodies, however at different times of the month, these hormonal levels will alter; decreasing during some days and increasing during other times.

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Because more progesterone within the body causes feelings of being tired, many women tend to be inactive or less active right before or during their periods. Simultaneously, those same women may notice that they are hungrier and are more likely to binge eat, or eat foods that are higher in salt or carbohydrates.

For the few days during menstruation, it is common for women to consume a few hundred additional calories than normal and as their activity level becomes stagnant, it can cause a small increase in weight.

Perhaps the biggest reason women gain weight during their menstrual cycles has to do with the fact that at this time, their bodies latch onto the water within the body and hoard it for as long as their cycle continues. Many women also increase the amount of salt they consume during this time which can also contribute to water retention. Though many women believe the increase in their weight is directly related to fat being stored by the body, which is wholly a myth. Most of the weight gain experienced during menstrual cycles is a direct causation of water being stored and not released. The breasts swelling may also cause a change in weight during this time.

The good news is that weight gain during menstruation is almost always temporary. As the hormones within the body begin to regulate, usually mid cycle or right after the cycle ends, the body will begin to go back to normal, water retention releases and craving begin to fade. Generally once a woman’s menstrual cycle ends, her normal weight returns and the bloating will also dissipate.

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