High Functioning Autism Is Workable

by Rex Stevenson

It used to be that autism was diagnosed as a general condition but over time there has been a lot of research and autism has been found to have a large spectrum, that it is not just one disorder, but a category that includes many disorders, among them is high functioning autism.

High functioning autism is a condition that falls within the autism category, but children who experience this type of condition, only experience mild symptoms of autism. Normally they can interact socially and only have small social impairments. People who experience high functioning autism can often be misdiagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Children who suffer from high functioning autism will have only some problems when trying to communicate with others, you may also distinguish the disorder by small movements and kids will want a certain routine and feel lost without it.

The advantages of high functioning autism, is that many of these problems can be corrected or reversed and your child is still capable of living normally. So, if you notice the symptoms you need to seek help immediately. The advice of pediatric neurologists and child psychologists will give you the techniques you need to train and treat your child so that the symptoms are minimized.

Certain kinds of therapy can help your child live a normal life. These therapies help them learn how to interact socially, control their motor behavior, and learn communication skills. This type of therapy may include a more individualized education and behavior analysis. In some instances medication may be needed to control the childs anxiety and hyperactivity. That is why its so important that you seek help from specialists in the field.

The medical field diagnoses a child with high functioning autism when the condition is present but the symptoms are not severe. Most of these children have the same intelligence as others, and in some cases even higher. They have an adequate vocabulary but their learning comprehension is sometimes behind others. People with high functioning autism wont express very much detail and aren’t very emotional. The have a hard time interpreting body language and non verbal instruction.

As a parent you need to be careful because high functioning autism is often confused with Asperger’s Syndrome. A lot of the information out there refers to both high functioning autism and Asperger’s as being the same. Although there are many symptoms that are similar, there is a difference and they need to be treated differently. Even doctors tend to differ in their definitions of the two.

There really isn’t a defined area that suggests your child has autism or high functioning autism. Some doctors use IQ tests to help them with the diagnosis, but there are other key elements too, like the use of language, and the way a child behaves, even non verbal details need to be taken into account to determine the level of autism the child has. The IQ test cannot be used definitively because there are many elements on the test that autistic children struggle with. So the key is in finding the right doctor and psychological help for your child and that may mean consulting with several specialists in the field.

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