Home Therapy for Bowel Incontinence

It is vital that you seek bowel incontinence treatment methods as an alternative to not doing anything about your problem. You may want to maintain your bowel incontinence problems a secret from others because you feel embarrassed them over. If your condition is extremely severe, many times yourself experiencing withdrawal, frustration, depression, and anger. The emotional impact of bowel incontinence could potentially cause you plenty of stress and decrease of dignity. You see it hard to relish yourself in a very social setting should you fear an involuntary lack of bowel control!

It is crucial that you make a consultation to see a health care professional for a proper diagnosis. Your physician can help you determine whether you need a specialist for example a proctologist, colorectal surgeon, or possibly a gastroenterologist. These doctors concentrate on medical conditions affecting the colon, anus, and rectum. Discovering exactly what is causing your bowel incontinence can lead to getting appropriate bowel incontinence treatments.

You receive physical discomfort from bowel incontinence as being the skin around the anus is delicate and prolonged. Repeated exposure to stool can bother the area. It’s also possible to suffer from itching, pain, and perchance sores. This may need treatment.

Bowel incontinence treatments usually involve diet changes. The foodstuffs and drinks you take in have a direct affect on your going number 2 and their consistency. If fecal incontinence were attributable to chronic constipation, you should have a diet which has foods which can be high in fiber also to ensure that you drink an abundance of fluids. If diarrhea produces the problem, a diet plan rich in fiber also may help by adding bulk for your stools. The fiber helps absorb the liquid out of your bowel movements. Your personal doctor or a nutritionist might make suggestions concerning how you can make changes in your diet to assist alleviate your bowel incontinence symptoms.

Sometimes diet changes are unable to help you keep up with the problem. A regular doctor may prescribe special medications to deal with your fecal incontinence. Should your problem is brought on by diarrhea, this individual prescribe you Imodium, which will help treat diarrhea. It’s found in chewable tablets so you’re able to take them whenever without liquid to launder it down with. If your problem is brought on by constipation, a light laxative might be suggested to enable you to help restore normal going number 2 and consistency. For additional severe cases of bowel incontinence, a normal medication is a drug that decreases the river content inside your stools plus the spontaneous movement of your respective bowel.

As an alternative, you can even seek the help of any naturopathic doctor that will help prescribe some herbal treatments to deal with your bowel incontinence. Most of these herbal remedies will also help to relax you together with alleviate your stress levels; thereby assisting you to with easier pooping.

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