How A Snoring Problem Can Affect Your Spouse

by Rudy Watkins

Some spouses suffer from the effects of snoring even worse than the person who is actually doing the snoring. Research has clearly demonstrated that sleeping with a chronic snorer robs you of roughly one hour of sleep each and every night. This condition, called Spousal Arousal Syndrome, can be quite serious, completely ruining the other person’s ability to get well rested.

This can result in a lack of energy, irritability and other problems during the day, and it just compounds over time.

According to one recent survey, snoring has caused 80% of couples to sleep separately, spelling bad consequences for the marriage and sex life of the couple that is affected.

Tackling the problem head on is the best way to deal with a serious snoring problem. Take the following tips into consideration when doing so.

First, you need to discuss the issue with your husband or wife. If you’re not communicating about the problem, you won’t be able to come up with a solution.

Next, look at what could be causing the snoring problem and look at the various solutions. Some of the more common factors that lead to snoring are alcohol consumption, excess weight, sleeping pills, antihistamines and sleeping on your back.

Once you determine what is causing the snoring, you will be able to get rid of it more effectively. Attaching a tennis ball to the snorer’s pajamas, for example, could be all that is necessary to stop someone from snoring if it is being caused by them sleeping on their back.

The slight feeling of discomfort from the tennis ball on your back is sure to help you stay off your back in the night without causing you too much trouble sleeping.

Regardless of the cause of the snoring problem, it’s always best to consult with a health care professional to get an informed opinion about the cause and the best treatment.

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