How The Waterpik WP-100 Will Improve Your Oral Health

First off, let me say that it is proven that a water flosser is superior in all aspects to string floss.

Of the many models that Waterpik offers, the WP-100 is the best selling one. If you have implants, crowns or braces, you will especially love the ease of use of this little device.

Almost 50 independent studies have been conducted and they all confirm the superior results in comparison to string flossing.

Some interesting facts about the WP-100:

1. it comes with 6 different tips, because no mouth is the same and these tips cover all possible needs among users, for example an orthodontic tip for people with braces

2. the pressure can be set in 10 different ways, so you will easily find the one you feel most comfortable with

3. you want an anti bacterial effect as well? No problem, just use it with your mouthwash

4. Waterpik is so convinced of their product, they ship it with a three year warranty

The next question is: why is a water flosser better for ones oral health than string floss?

1. it is proven to be 50% more effective

2. thoroughness provided, one can remove 99% of plaque in every single session

3. a water flosser can reach areas that you can’t reach with just toothbrushing and string flossing

4. a very nice side effect is the improved blood circulation in your gums, which means strong and healthy gums

5. users with crowns, braces, implants or bridges will quickly realise how much easier flossing has become for them

Is it user-friendly?

Of course. You just fill it, put on the tip of your choice and get used to the feeling by trying out the different settings, I suggest a low one for starters.

I learned the hard way that water flossing is a squirty business. So, don’t make my mistakes and lean over the sink.

Using the water flosser will soon have become second nature for you, just because it’s quickly done and far more effective.

Since it is so incredibly easy to use, you won’t have any problems implementing it into your everyday routine.

When I had my first check-up at the dentist, he wanted to know what I had done to get such pink and healthy gums and plaque free mouth.

Be prepared for that question.

Rita Cooper is enthusiastic about everything that has something to do with fitness and health care. Whenever there’s a new product on the market, she makes sure she reviews it in depth and unbiased. You can check her latest site at Waterflosser WP-100, where she provides more information.

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