How To Bring Down High Cholesterol

by Jay Coleman

You can find out using a home testing kit, what the levels of cholesterol in your body are and in case you find that you have high cholesterol, or nearby it being high, it is time for you to visit your physician who will then perform a more appropriate blood test to aid pinpoint the accurate level of cholesterol in your body including both good (HDL) or bad (LDL) cholesterol.

First thing your physician will advise you about when it’s found that you’ve high cholesterol is to ask you to make changes to your lifestyle, although of course, each case will have its own merits and when there’s exceptionally high cholesterol levels in your body, you may even require taking medicines for bringing down the levels to more manageable levels.

However, it’s normal for you to first be a borderline case and a simple change in your lifestyle should be ample as well as efficient enough to bring down the levels of your cholesterol problem.

Your lifestyle changes would warrant that you change what you eat and also take to living a more active life, and you may require to switch to eating lean meats that do not have much fat or skin and even switch to chicken and fish in order to bring down your cholesterol level rather than eat red meat or meats that are fatty such as lamb or pork.

In addition, it would be required to switch from frying your food to baking or broiling, which is preferable as too is steaming, roasting or grilling your food.

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