How To Decide Upon Top Selling Self Tanner

The sun can rise and shine and then set, or disappear behind rainy or snowy clouds. That doesn’t mean that people have to look like the sun’s gone away though. Whether it’s for a holiday or just a night out on the town, people like to look tanned. The use of a top selling self tanner can bring all the warmth of the summer sun to a person’s skin any time of year.[youtube:8UHONfB5wBE;[link:discount tanning lotion, airbrush tan, sunless tanning products, sun tanning];]

Bronzers and other tanning lotions come in many forms. It’s possible for a person to go to a salon and have tanner sprayed all over them, or take home a spray aerosol tanning bottle too. However, these tend to wash off pretty quickly, as recent as the next shower. Good choices are lotions that have the tanning chemicals mixed in. They spread over the skin smoothly and darken it naturally with no streaks.

Streaks are a big problem when it comes to applying self tanner. Choosing a lotion that has a very thick viscosity helps with this. When a person is rubbing the lotion on, they can feel where they’ve put it and where it hasn’t been applied. That means that there will be fewer streaks.[I:]

One of the challenges of using a self tanning lotion is that when a person is rubbing it on, they get it on their hands. Hand skin is different than leg or arm skin and often turns a yucky orange colour from the tanner. Some will come with gloves that have the tanner right in the mitt so that a person can rub all over as much as they want and not end up with orange palms.

Generally speaking it’s best to choose a lotion that only takes a person two shades darker than they already are naturally. Besides colour, people should also look for a lotion that’s gentle on their skin, one that will actually nurture it with rich oils. It’s best to darken skin over a period of days instead of having it darken immediately.

People like the look of being kissed by the sun. This is what all the top selling self tanner lotions want to offer. Living a hectic and busy life can mean there’s no time for a tanning salon, never mind getting outside. That doesn’t mean a person can’t have that healthy outdoor glow!

Locating the top selling self tanner is quick and easy when you know where to search. You can find a variety of sunless tanners when you look online.

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