How To Know If Your Marriage Is Facing Troubles

Married life may be the most amazing experience and it can be a quite troublesome at times as well. Almost every couple at some point or the other will go through a span of difficulties. Sometimes there are several things outside the marriage which may affect your life with your partner. There can be other reasons which affect your marriage as well. So you may encounter several difficulties in figuring out if the current situation is because of the external factors or it is a communication problem. Listed below are some indications that tell if the marriage is not going well.
Getting complacent
Most of the marriage counselors agree that the first symptom of difficulties in a marriage is complacency. This means that you begin taking your partner for granted. You will find that this is also accompanies by less time being spent together. You also stop expressing your love to your partner like you used to do before. It may not be apparent to you I the beginning that something is wrong. If you do not want things to get uglier later on, then you must solve the difficulties as soon as you can.
Not talking about problems
It is the belief of many people that if they avoid any sort of altercation then things will stay fine. This is complete untrue and you would do well to remember it. The only thing that will work in these situations is actually talking to your partner. You can try your best to somehow avoid the confrontation but that way does not solve the actual issue which may come up later on. What will happen is that you keep quiet for a long span of time and you do not say anything, but after a certain point of time it will become too much and you will snap. Along with this there will always be the possibility that you begin developing some resentment to your partner which is because of being cooped up. The problem with this is that it can be very hard to handle if it is present for a long span.
Loss of physical attraction
Whether you comprehend it or not, but loss of sex drive between a couple is a serious indication of things not being correct. If there are other things going on in your life like switching to a new job, or moving to a new place then it is understandable that you are less intimate. But if this trend is there for more than 2 months you can be quite sure that something is not right.
Living completely various lives
Are you and your partner making plans without the involvement of the other?. Several times someone goes out on a trip without their partners consent or understanding and have separate accounts as well. This is also a pretty strong sign that you are drifting apart without actually realizing it. You may not want to include him.
The reasons mentioned here are all indicators that tell you when a marriage is not working like it should.

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