How To Make Senior Home Care Easier

If you have an elderly relative living at home, you may want to consider senior home care so you will not have to be apart from your loved one. Old people may have limited physical abilities. You might need to make your house senior friendly even if you have hired help to look after them.

You should make minor changes in the house to make your loved one more at ease and comfortable. Enhance things like placing easy to grip plastic pitchers in the fridge. Old people may not be able to handle heavy glass pitchers that may also break if they drop them.

Have the phone company install telephone units for elderly people. These types of phones usually have big number keypads that are easy to see and press down. Many old people suffer from bad eyesight and this can be a real advantage for them. You can also do the same thing with the TV remote.

For families with elderly relatives that suffer from dementia, consider keeping mirrors in private bedroom and bathrooms only. Seniors who have this condition may become afraid when they see their reflection in mirrors since they can barely recognize themselves. Avoid installing these fixtures in common rooms in the house such as the foyer and hallway.

Elderly relatives may have a difficult time dressing up and bathing themselves. It might be ideal to fill their closets with clothing in neutral colors like brown, grey, tan, black and white. This minimizes the effort they have to make when matching clothes. Place a moderate amount of clothes in their cabinets to make it easier for your relative to find whatever he or she needs.

It might be a good idea to get professional senior home care helpers who can ease your burden of caring for an elderly loved one. It can be tiring to be the sole caregiver of a senior relative, especially if you need to work outside the house. Choose a trained professional who is used to attending to older patients.

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