I have been a victim to the cosmetics industry’s claims. They

by Alia Jae

know how to market so well to us. We get so moved by our emotions

and all the claims that they make to us are really everything we

need in a product right?

Well, I am here to bust the lies with the truth. Remember ladies

that the truth always sets us free. This truth will help us to

stop busting our budgets too many unfounded claims.

The first claim is, “Visible lift with proven results” this

sounds so great and awesome right? I mean don’t you just want a

lift? I want a lift. Well, the problem with this state is that

they never tell us what they are lifting.

I mean think of all the commercials you have seen and all the ads

you have read. Do they ever really tell you what they are

lifting? The claim is totally useless, but it sounds great.

Another claim that just really makes me laugh is the whole,

“Nighttime Repair”; it makes it sound like some mechanic its

going to come over during the night while I am sleeping to fix

something on my face!

They say the cream will help to restore and reproduce skin cells

that we have lost during the day. The cream is supposed to undo

all our skin damage while we sleep for six to eight hours.

It might work on a surface level, but it is a short term promise.

If you ever stop using the product the results will vanish. Plus,

whenever you use most products too long it will stop working for

you. So, at some point this product is going to stop working for


Another silly claim that so many of us have fallen for is, “So

Advanced, its patented”, the thing about this claim is that

anyone can hold a patented formula. I can go into my garage right

now and make up some kind of formula and deem it as patented.

A patented law only means that a certain person or company has a

unique way of using certain ingredients! Also, just because a

formula is patented does not mean that the formula has been

proven to work.

This claim doesn’t mean that it has been used in some clinical

trial studies! The patent just gives you the right to sell the

product in a certain way with certain claims.

Don’t be reeled in just because a company says that their product

is patented. Make sure that there has been some studies and proof

that show that this product really works.

“Deeply penetrates the layers of skin”, this is probably one we

hear on a daily basis just from watching TV or reading magazines!

This just sounds so amazing and possible, but really does this

work or are they just lying to us again?

The major problem with this claim is that molecules have to be

so tiny in order to penetrate the skin on any level.

However, cosmetics company’s molecules are way too large to

penetrate anything. There is some hardcore chemical engineering

that has to take place in order for those molecules to penetrate

the layers of skin and that costs a lot of money to do.

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